oil-spill-attorneyBP Oil Spill Settlement – Yes, you too can file a claim

If you have a business anywhere in Mississippi you may qualify to receive compensation from the BP Oil Spill Settlement. The BP Oil Spill Settlement does not require that you work in the tourism industry, fishing or otherwise.


Contractors, trucking, medical profession, restaurants, store owners, gas stations, the list of business that can qualify goes on and on. The list of excluded businesses is very small (financial institutions, casinos are among the excluded). Point is that your business may qualify to receive a cash award.


The official settlement agreement is over 1,000 pages. But all you have to do for us is fill out a monthly revenue chart and sign a contract to hire our firm. Our team of attorneys and accountants will do the rest to determine if you qualify.


We work on a contingency basis so you do not pay us if we do not collect for you. Further, if your claim is sent to arbitration we will be there while you can focus on your business.


Do not miss this opportunity to restore some of the loss of revenue you may have had in 2010. From the Mississippi River to the Tombigbee, from Tennessee to the Gulf your business of almost any type could potentially qualify.


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