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In order to treat a condition known as pelvic organ prolapse, doctors and surgeons are now recommending the implantation of a device called transvaginal surgical mesh. This type of medical device is designed to keep pelvic organs in place. Unfortunately, some types of transvaginal mesh have been discovered to be defective and the implantation of this device is putting patients at risk for severe internal injuries.

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Transvaginal Mesh Complications

There have been a wide range of reported complications resulting from the implantation of transvaginal mesh, including:

  • Serious infections
  • Pain (including pain during intercourse)
  • Urinary tract problems
  • Recurrence of the pelvic organ prolapse
  • Return of incontinence that was supposedly corrected by the mesh
  • Bowel and bladder perforation
  • Blood vessel perforation

These and other complications can lead to additional surgeries that need to either address the transvaginal surgical mesh itself or surgeries that are needed in order to repair damage and alleviate complications. Unfortunately, removal of the mesh is not the answer in all situations, as reports of issues from the removal are being received. Though it can be frustrating to deal with the medical aspect of these cases, we can take over the legal aspects and help clients understand their rights and options.

Avaulta Vaginal Implants

One type of transvaginal surgical mesh is manufactured by Bard and called Avaulta. This specific device has been the target of numerous complaints by consumers. Though an official recall has not been initiated, we are able to advise clients who have sustained injuries from an Avaulta device and help them understand their rights for filing potential lawsuits or being involved in a class action in order to hold the company responsible for the damages resulting from their product.

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