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Have you been injured in a car crash involving a defective car part? The simple fact is that many people are unaware of what actually caused the accident they were involved in. That’s where we come in. The attorneys at Gill, Ladner & Priest, PLLC thoroughly investigate car accident claims to determine all sources of negligence and liability – including liability for auto defects. As a result, we are able to maximize compensation for our injured clients.

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Every vehicle is expected to pass a vehicle crashworthiness test before it is placed on the market. However, too often the drive for profit outweighs the need for product safety and a dangerous vehicle is placed on the road.

Our firm is experienced handling claims involving auto accidents,
truck accidents and other motor vehicle accidents that were caused by auto defects and design defects, such as:

  • Tire defects, resulting in a tire blowout
  • Vehicle instability, resulting in vehicle rollovers
  • Poor roof structure, causing the roof to crush with minimal impact
  • Design defects causing rollover, such as in the
    Yamaha Rhino UTV
  • Other auto defects, such as defective seat belts, door latches, brakes or other car parts

Our Jackson law firm uses a specialized team of accident reconstructionists, product analysts and other experts to meticulously investigate every aspect of the accident. If a
car accident or other accident occurred because of a poorly manufactured car part or a defective design in the vehicle, we hold the manufacturer, designer, engineer, distributor or other negligent party responsible in
product liability litigation.

If you have been involved in a
motorcycle accident or other car crash, our law firm will give you – and your case – the thorough attention that is necessary to protect your interests.

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