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Mississippi does not yet have a law forbidding drivers to use cell phones or other devices while driving.

Regardless of whether it is illegal statistics show that talking on cell phones and texting while driving are major sources of driver distraction. Research also shows they often lead to car accidents.

The Chance of Accidents Increases With Cell Phone Use While Driving

According to the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute, drivers of cars are almost three times more likely to get in car accidents or near-miss situations while dialing a cell phone. Drivers of heavy vehicles such as 18-wheelers are 23 times more likely to get in car accidents while texting on a cell phone and almost six times more likely to get in car accidents while dialing a cell phone.

Driver Distraction Can Affect Your Personal Injury Case

It is critically important to seek immediate legal advice if you are involved in a car accident with someone who was using a cell phone when the accident occurred. In order to prove that driver distraction caused the car accident, you attorney must immediately consult accident reconstruction experts and interview any eyewitnesses to the accident.

At Gill, Ladner & Priest, PLLC, our personal injury lawyers have decades of experience representing people seriously injured in car accidents, including accidents caused by driver distraction.


Our attorneys get to work as soon as we take on a new case – visiting the scene of the accident, consulting with highway engineers and accident reconstruction experts, reviewing data from traffic cameras, and interviewing eyewitnesses.


Our goal is always to gather the evidence needed to make a strong case on your behalf. Persuasive evidence helps us pursue compensation for your injuries, lost wages and pain and suffering. In the event of a fatal accident, we work with the surviving family members to develop a powerful claim for financial compensation in a
wrongful death case.

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