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If you are reading this then you or a loved one has unfortunately been injured in an all too frequent occurrence; a Car Accident. In the United States there are over six million motor vehicle accidents yearly.


The insurance company for the person responsible for the accident will immediately begin working to minimize their responsibility and (potentially) your chances of recovery.


At some point after your car accident an attorney or insurance adjuster may contact you trying to secure information. You should not say or sign anything without first contacting your own attorney. Gill, Ladner & Priest provides a free initial consultation. You can call 877-314-2217 or Contact Us through this website to secure your free initial consultation.

Many car accident attorneys never even talk to their clients and have non-lawyers handle your important legal matter. At Gill, Ladner & Priest, only the attorneys conduct the initial consultation and a partner of the law firm will handle your claim.


Gill, Ladner & Priest handles car accident cases on a contingency fee basis. What that means is that our fee is paid out of the recovery that we secure for your damages. In other words, there is no fee if we do not collect for you.

You only get one chance at recovery. You should trust your case to an experienced personal injury attorney who is working for you.


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