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Workplace accidents happen, and when they do, Gill, Ladner & Priest is here to help you receive maximum compensation for any injuries or damages sustained. Our successful legal team specializes in helping individuals navigate the complex legal framework that often surrounds workman’s comp claims, and other cases involving workplace injuries or fatalities.


Just because you have initiated a workman’s comp claim does not necessarily mean that you will be receiving the full compensation that you deserve. For decades, our legal team here at Gill, Ladner & Priest have been helping workers file private lawsuits against companies that otherwise would not have fairly compensated them for their injuries or damages. We are proud of our record in bringing maximum benefit to families who have suffered the loss of a loved one due to an accident on the job. We can and will extend these same benefits to you or your family. Our services are a phone call or email away.

It is an unfortunate fact of life that companies and organizations will not always act to compensate their employees fully when accidents happen at the workplace. You need the expertise and knowledge of skilled legal professionals to assess your case and help you determine whether your rights have been upheld to the maximum extent of the law. We at Gill, Ladner & Priest will not rest until we have uncovered every facet of your case and determined the best possible strategy for winning your deserved compensation.


You have the right to be compensated for your lost wages, medical bills and any other damages sustained as a result of injuries or loss of life of a loved one on the job. The ramifications of workplace accidents can extend well beyond you or your loved one’s employer. It is possible that you could be entitled to compensation from the manufacturer or distributor of defective products that may have been involved in the accident, for example. Without legal representation from an experienced team like ours here at Gill, Ladner & Priest, how can you be sure that you are being fairly compensated?

 Workers Compensation Attorney

When it comes to upholding justice for our clients, nothing stands in our way. If you think you can’t afford to bring the power of a private law firm to your service, you are wrong. You can. We will meet with you to determine the specifics of your individual workplace injury case for free. In addition, we will not accept payment from our clients until we have successfully earned them the compensation that they deserve.


Contact our legal team to set up your free consultation today. We look forward to helping you secure the justice you deserve.

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